GREENSOUL (Back-ordered)

GREENSOUL (Back-ordered)

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Note: Back-ordered, will be available on 08/05/2021

The newly reformulated GREENSOUL is a powerful and natural dietary supplement for maintaining a healthy cholesterol.? Following the successful performance of its original formulation, several other Chinese Dietary materials have been added to enhance its cholesterol metabolism effect.? A randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled clinical trial have demonstrated that the new GREENSOUL is very effective in lowering total as well as LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and is well tolerated.?

Like its original formula, the new? GREENSOUL contains green tea extract, one of the most powerful antioxidants, and Reishi mushroom extract, an immune-enhancing dietary substance in Chinese culture for centuries. In addition, the new GREENSOUL contains black tea (also called red tea) extract, certain daily consumed Chinese vegetable extract and red yeast rice.?? It has been reported in the literature that these materials help lower cholesterol. In Southern China, people consume red yeast rice as part of their daily diet.? It contains a group of substances known to lower cholesterol.

What are the benefits of the new GREENSOUL?
Supports the body immunity
Promotes cholesterol metabolism (enhanced)
Supports the heart
Supports the liver and prostate
Promotes the body's ability to fight free radicals (anti-inflammation)

Are there any side effects of the new GREENSOUL?
The new GREENSOUL is made from Chinese dietary materials, except multi-vitamin doses of Niacin and Folic Acid, which are added due to their cardiac benefits.? Our scientifically designed clinical trial for this product has not shown any significant side effects.? Due to its cholesterol-lowering effect, please read the warning section in the label carefully? before using this product.

Does the new GREENSOUL interfere with prescribed medications?
The new GREENSOUL may enhance the effects of certain cholesterol-lowering medications such as Lipitor, Zocor, Crestor and other statin drugs. If you are on these medications and experiencing muscle ache, or having liver enzyme changes after adding the product, you should stop using it. You should talk to your doctor to have your medication dose adjusted, or discontinue use of this product. Reishi mushroom extract has a mild anticoagulation effect. People taking Coumadin (Warfarin) should use this product with caution and have their INR monitored by their doctor. Reishi mushroom extract also has a mild anti-diabetic effect. Patients with diabetes should use this product with caution and have their blood sugar monitored. Organ transplant recipients should not use this product due to Reishi?s immune stimulating action.

Can I overdose on the product?
There is no data available regarding the overdose of the product. You should follow the recommended dose, two tablets two times a day.

Is this product safe for children?
NO. The product is designed for adults only. You should keep the product out of the reach of children.